Friday, July 20, 2007

Copper Chaos Explosions with Tiger Eye

The muse grabbed me today and out popped this bracelet. I threw caution to the wind and worked on chaos. I find chaos Very Difficult! The little rocks make a very pleasing sound when moved.
I've been sitting on a whole pile of these odd shaped stones, waiting for inspiration. I think I'm kind of pleased with this version. The darkness of the oxidation makes the copper blend rather nicely with the tiger eye.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The beginnings of treasure

A small sampling, the simple beginnings, from the treasure of Szarka. A handful of earrings waiting for hooks....

Two with round rubies, one with garnet nuggets, then jade rectangles, on to slender yet plump tiger eye tubes (oh the lovely play of light!) and in the center, "purple stone"! Aaahhh, purple!!!
Scattered around the pile, sterling silver in a variety of forms.

Peridot from Szarka's treasures

A peaceful day spent with a wonderful lady and her delightful family (declared eccentric by some, downright homey to me *grin*). The beads! The color! Everywhere, something beautiful. I think I spent most of the day totally dazed and distracted by the muse, who was trying to decide which lovely temptations HAD to go home Immediately. So distracted that I never touched or even thought about the wire project which is my constant companion, abandoned on the floor...

Finally back at home, when I slowed in my drooling and fondling, this lovely faceted peridot begged to try on most of the wardrobe in my apparently meager stash of silver and finally decided to sit between two lovely Bali beads. During this search, out jumped the lovely Danish Knot, acquired during a link swap on WWJ. Hey Bonnie G.W., recognize your handiwork? I think it's perfect to suspend this lovely collection. Thank you so much for sharing!

Dangling beneath - four tiny rectangles of peridot and two luscious amethyst brios. The lovely peridot chips do dual duty, worn either long or lariat style, as in the pitiful picture. (I Must master the settings on this camera!!!)

Thank you, dearest Sz, for a lovely and most memorable day!
Edit Fri pm - This picture provides a bit different effect. Found it tonight in the raw photo file... I know, it's cattywampus, but I like the coloring better...

Pretty little difuser bottle

A cute little bottle for fragrance oils. I have a variety of little bottles awaiting inspiration from the muse. This one insisted on shades of purple, go figure! The gentle scent floating from the sticks is wonderful.
A variety of "vines" to hold the fragrance bottle. No muss, no fuss when it's time to change to a new scent. The bottles are 1/2 oz and just shy of 3" tall.
My favorite - I soooo love hanging things! But so very difficult to get a good picture. There are more beads and another "S" at the top.