Friday, December 24, 2010

Goddess Tree of Life - Now on Artfire - Adopt her! Quick!

A new Tree of Life with a lovely Raku porcelain goddess, available in my ArtFire store. (click here)
She has lovely Chakra rainbow gemstones for the leaves.

Ah, the Tree of Life, complete with Goddess! Metaphor, mystical, symbolic - found in every ancient culture in one form or another. The roots reaching deep into the earth, into the underworld, the branches reaching high above, into the heavens...

Here we have pure raw copper wire artfully twisted and shaped with great care. Seven gemstones represent the chakra or rainbow - garnet, peach aventurine, citrine, green aventurine, turquoise, iolite and amethyst.

This wonderful little Raku Goddess jumped into the pile of gemstones and tied herself to the tree with a rope of copper wire.

She's just shy of 1 inch tall all by her lonesome, and the whole pendant is a whopping 3 inches tall, from tip of the woven Toodles bale to the bottom of the tangled roots, and 2 1/4 inch wide.

This bold pendant attracts attention and admiration, hanging from a 20 inch dark brown butter soft leather cord with handmade clasp.
The bail is my favorite Toodles Weave hook, providing easy transfer to other types of neck-wear.

I have oxidized this copper pendant for easy care. Just a quick buff with a soft cloth brings multitudes of ooooo and ahhhhh compliments.

The Tree of Life symbolizes shelter, immortality, beauty, family, mankind, wisdom, protection, strength, bounty, redemption, regeneration.

Friday, November 19, 2010

My version of Karen's dimensional bracelet!

'ello all! The lovely ladies of the San Marcos Bead and Wire Faux Society were treated to a class by Karen, of Dreamcatcher Ranch. Her Dimensional Bracelet is Wonderful, rich with possibilities, always different! Each and every one came out gorgeous and interesting.
Here's my version, all turquoise and copper of course, not where I was headed, but born in the journey -

Many thanks to Karen and all her patience and persistence!
Lovely to meet new and returning friends! Hope y'all can come again!
If YOU happen to be free third Thursday of every month except Dec, consider joining us from 2-5 in the classroom at Hobby Lobby. We'd love to know you!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

A fine collection of Texas Art!

Lookie lookie, a bunch of NICE Things (including *My* Journey #2!) and they are all Handmade with great care --->>> in TEXAS!!!! Tell a friend! Share! Retweet!
Click here to see all the individual shops for these lovely items!
Only 50 days left until Christmas!!!!!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Catching up again

WWJ ladies and gents are discussing torch annealing and oxidizing, so here's my tube play and weaving. The wire in the tree is bright shiny new, and the bail wire has been torched to soften it up. Slightly dull and darker. The "leaf" is showing the outside of the tube after several trips thru anneal, hammer, anneal.... These are still in progress, no idea what will happen from here with the leaf, the muse took a sleep.

The inside of the tube -

And while I'm here, Rachelle of Purple Cat Jewels makes the cutest little ladybugs!!!

A pile of wire play, after tumbling -

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Catch-up - what have I been up to?

Wandering thru the old posts here, finding a ton of stuff never got uploaded! So, here, scattershot, a few of the variety of projects that have passed thru my tools....