Wednesday, April 04, 2007

It's at the Printer's!!!! - Toodles series

The article for the woven bezel is at the printer!!!! Step by Step Wire Jewelry Magazine Summer Preview edition! Happy dance!!! *I'm just a liiiiiiittttttle bit excited...*

Get your subscription started now so you don't miss it. *giggle*

Then get over to Szarka's shop and snatch up a variety of cube beads with big holes, 'cause you're gonna need some. The article uses an 8mm, but Your stone of choice may need larger or smaller, and of course you'll want to do other sizes....
*thank you for finding a source, mizzy Sz!!!* *smoooooochiez*

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Copper hoops in graduated sizes

More playing with rings and hoops. Baby, I Love hammering wire!
The photo doesn't do justice to the wonderful texture in the hammer marks.
These earrings hang just shy of 3 inches long. The top large circle is 1 inch across, the largest bottom circle is 1 1/4 inches. Not for the timid!

Copper hoops, decending sizes

I've been noticing an earring trend toward rings and interesting hoops lately, wandering around the market, so I've been playing.

12g copper, a slight oval shape, hammered until I hurt. These hang almost 3 1/2" long, from the top of the hook. Definitely not for short necks.

Green agate and viking knit - Toodles series

The green agate pendant migrated onto my viking knit necklace for the Austin gathering. It gets more attention than it's sister, the shades of brown jasper pendant. The raw copper wire is taking on beautiful patina in various crevices and shines a lovely pinkish orangey color on all the high points

The necklace hooks in the front, has 3 black glass crystals with Bali silver spacers and bead caps, viking knit with non-tarnish copper wire.

The Toodles Weave tutorial in PDF form -

Ojo in Blue - Toodles series

My personal mojo. The tiny detailed brush strokes in the blue eye fascinate me. I finally, spurred by the Austin gathering looming before me, got around to weaving a setting for my eye. Unfortunately, I nicked the color in a few places, but it will do until I get around to doing again, hopefully in blue wire, which my local store stopped carrying, I'm so torked! Ah well, this way it blends right into my viking knit choker.

The Toodles Weave tutorial in PDF form is being re-written. Please leave a comment if you are interested. Comment button just below this bit --->>>

S-link bracelet with a Butterfly center

Here's my personal version of a 16g sterling S-link chain. For the center, I used a version of the Twin Spiral, which reminds me of a butterfly, also dubbed Flutterbye. I added a silver Grace charm in the center, and some danglies at the clasp, amethyst, Bali beads and feather/leaf, and my name-sake feather in copper.
It rarely comes off my wrist, I love it so.

Mood bead bracelets or anklets

Playing with mood beads and cotton cord. Simple knock 'em out easy for the fun crowd. Three mood beads in each, with a variety of glass bead accents. Tie one on your wrist or ankle!

What are mood beads, you ask? Oooooooo, lovely little works of art continually changing and rearranging!
"Thermo-sensitive liquid crystal beads that change color as you wear them." Rings were all the rage in the 60's. Everything comes back if you wait long enough. My artist soul gets lost in the changing color...

Monday, April 02, 2007

Turquoise disks and balls

Turquoise disks suspended beneath turquoise balls, all hanging from sterling silver wire, attached to a leather thong. The focal section is about 3 1/2 inches wide. The total length is 14 to 16 inches long, with the sterling chain ending in a cute little dangling disc.

Austin copper earrings

Here ya go, Bonnie dearest! The earrings I wore to the gathering. Copper wire, 12g, gently curved, then hammered at strategic points. Swarovski crystals and turquoise discs, bound with 22g. Remove the ball and coil from a pair of surgical steel hooks, then wind a bit of 24g around the base. It looks like I used 18g to make a coil to hang the circles on the bottom. Notice, they are Not identical, but no one notices when they are swinging happily from my ears. They aren't Quite as different as the photo makes them appear, but definitely different when side by side. Promote that *Made by a funky artist's hand* thang! LOL