Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Red Jasper Pendant

Just a little weaving, as I practice and test designs for a wonderful rutile quartz piece which is waiting for the muse to speak. This one is a nice little tumbled red jasper, wrapped in copper, of course. A 16g wire goes once around the stone and forms the base of the bale, which is woven with 24g. Two 18g wires snuggle on either side of the 16g and perform the entertainment. 1-5/8 inches tall and 1 inch at the widest point.

Pale Turquoise Cab in Copper - Model for the SBSWJ tut - Toodles series

Still playing with weaving! An old turquoise cab, very pale, and 24g copper carefully woven over and around 18g. The pendant measures 1 3/4 inches tall and 7/8 inch wide. Much smaller than Princess Leia!

Feb 07 - Update! This is the picture that led to the tutorial article for Step by Step Wire Jewelry, to be published, hopefully, in the Summer edition. Hang onto your shorts, cool your jets, subscribe now to make sure you get it... http://www.stepbystepwire.com/wire/
Meanwhile, there are some cool tutorials there, for other projects, to occupy your waiting time. *grin*

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