Monday, January 18, 2010

San Marcos Faux Society this Thursday!

Edited to add - We are meeting every third Thursday at Hobby Lobby in San Marcos, and alla y'all are welcome to join us! If you join Wire Wrap Texas, you can have a say in what we do next and be a part of all the chatter!

Alla y'all in the area are welcome to come play with us! We'd love to meet you! We focus on wire and metal fun, but all aspects of jewelry making are welcome.

We'll be at the Hobby Lobby in San Marcos from 2 to around 5, although on occasion we dawdle longer....

We are a Faux Society because we don't do the corporate stuff, we spend all our time having a good time. No dues, no boss, lots of friends.

Come play with us!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Need feedback on photos - Please!

ooooooo my golly grandma! Here are the first two shots from the new Sony T90. I am in love!

I need feed back from alla y'all, how do they look on Your monitor?
Leave a comment, please!
Or email - sherrys.jewels @

A short time ago, I moved from a flat screen/desktop to a laptop and the color difference in what I see on-screen is incredible and very confusing. The laptop is more washed out/blue. So, I have no clue what these photos look like on the majority of monitors out there in cyberland.

Which one looks best on YOUR monitor?

They are labeled, both were taken under a clamp light with small new-fangled twisty "100 watt" bulb aimed at the white ceiling, which is about 5 feet above the bracelet.

Bracelet is sitting on a piece of that foam stuff from the craft store, white. Notice the reflections in the flash photo? Interesting.

The only editing is to crop and label. No sharpening, no color adjustment. Heaven! As soon as I learn with/wo flash etc.

No tripod! No holding my breath to be still! Just point and shoot! Heaven!

These two were "auto adjusted" with the Windows Vista Editor. Yuk, I think...

Bare shiny copper, hematite, tiger eye and red jasper of some sort...

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Bead Jamboree - San Antonio/Live Oak Jan 9 and 10

Welllp, that title about says it. Bead Show! Are you coming?

Live Oak Civic Center
8101 Pat Booker Road
San Antonio, TX 78233

Saturday 10-5pm
Sunday 10-4pm

Wire classes, lots of beads, great fun and wonderful people.

Dangling cocktail adjustable ring - 2 hours - $35 includes supplies

Herringbone earrings - 2 hours - $35 includes supplies

Turn a bead into a pendant - 1 hour - $25 includes supplies for 2 pendants

No photo, they are all outside and it's way too cold to go retrieve them!
Catch the Wave bracelet - 3 hours - $50 includes supplies
Make one like this --->>
And then you can make a whole wardrobe of styles -->>

You KNOW you've been wanting to learn how to work wire! It's #1 in "what do you most want to do" polls. Come play with me and start your journey into one of a kind, all Your Very Own designs!

Reserve Your seat with Paypal! Email me for the link - sherrys.jewels@