Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Toodles tut is online! Thank you my friends!

I am in awe at the direction life has taken and the wonderfulness of friends. Such a short time ago, I was a moderately happy hermit, minding my own biz and twisting some wire.

Wire weaving with Princess Leia took over my wire, a tutorial was born and published. My wire work changed.

My sweetie had severe and ongoing health issues and "Live one day at a time for all it's worth" became so much more important.

A wonderful lady moved not far away, we've become dear friends, her socialite proclivities drew me into a circle of many more dear kindred spirits. I thank you all for drawing me out of hermitdom, though it is a slow process still...

Then, a local store owner came along, saw my work, I became a teacher in her store. I've had the honor and pleasure of passing my bits of knowledge to many wonderful ladies.

Now I carry a calendar, track dates and times and I'm loving it! Mostly.... ugg, schedules! *grin*

Thank you, my dear friends, for changing the direction of my life! There are more good things in the near future, I'm sure...

Monday, February 04, 2008

Wire wrap classes with Sherry and Turquoise Magpie gemstone trunk show in Houston

Whoowhooo and yeehaw, Houston classes are falling into place! The whole shebang will be at Helen's store ---
The Toodles Weave with wire is coming to Houston! Well, actually to Pearland. Dear Helen at *Antiques, Beads & Crafty People* is hosting my classes.
2517 Broadway (FM518) Pearland, Texas 77581 -- 281/997-3600
I will be teaching two wire working classes - *Variations of Herringbone* with wire, and *The Toodles Weave* adjustable ring. I will also show how to use the weave to make a bezel and trap a stone.
One class from 1-4 and the other from 6-9 on Monday, Feb 18, President's Day. Helen is taking notes to decide which class goes into which slot, so speak up and let her know which you are interested in taking. Special price for this session - $30 for 3 hours of instruction in each class. Plus your supplies - copper wire and beads.
Pictures of the projects are in previous posts. I will update the Herringbone entry with the actual project asap.
The herringbone project is still in the works, but it will involve 3 different gauges of wire, and two different styles of wrap.
Accompanying me will be Turquoise Magpie Gemstones trunk show, both Szarka and Danis presiding. Such lovely rocks you can't imagine! Such lovely ladies you must meet.
Come play with us! I'm excited to make some Houston wire addicts!
~ Sherry ~

Ms Sz says - "
If you want to see the Magpie beads just go to www.magpiegemstones.com"
Ya, go see!