Thursday, September 18, 2008

Uggh, internet/satellite issues!

'ello peeps! Popping in from the library to leave a note, so y'all don't think I've disappeared from the face of the earth.

I am, yet again, without internet at home. I've been offline more than on in the last two months and it really sux sour pickles! Tentative schedule for the repair person is next week, Tues, but I've been around This Block often enough to not let my hopes get to high. *sigh* *sitting in the library on a Very Hard Chair, grateful for any net access at all*

Storms were not an issue for us directly, here in my little chunk of Texas, but there are Many Displaced Persons from the coast filling all the local hotels. Prayers winging for alla y'all!

So, here's a shorten version of the new class schedule, sans photos, since I can't upload thru the library computers...

All classes are either 12-3 or 6-9pm unless noted in the description, like Halloween

**no classes on the third

**10th - The Spiral Heart earrings are back, bringing a lovely little bangle to match. (Side note, the Toodles Ring morphed into a cute little heart shape to make a great little set perfect for gift giving. The Holidays are Right Around the Corner, y'know) *use the search box to see older photos of the Heart Earrings*

**17th - a whole pile of hoop earrings, in two different styles

**24th - Intro to Wire/Serpentine braclet returns. *use the search box to see older photos*

**31 12-3 only, no night class -- Toodles Heart Ring

**7th - Spiral center Star Earrings

**14th - Tree of Life returns *use the search box to see older photos*

**21st - Border Wrap a Square Cabochon returns. Learn this most basic technique and translate it onto your favorite stones. Make it fancy, make it auster, set your muse free. *use the search box to see older photos*

**26th - Wednesday due to the holiday and trunk show on Friday - Scallops Bracelet returns *use the search box to see older photos*

Oooooooo the Dickens Festival runs two weekends this year! Come join the fun! I'll fill in details when I get my connection back, perhaps next week?
**3rd - Wednesday, due to Dickens - Christmas Tree Earrings and Pendant/Ornament
Make a whole bowl full to give visiting friends during the holidays.

**10th - Wednesday ditto Dickens - Angels Watching Over Us - Two versions - Pendant or Ornament? Earrings maybe?

**19th - back to Friday - Doodle Earrings - Flirty fun swishy bits of wire, perfect for that great little Holiday Party.

**26th - Friday, the rush is over, time for YOU! -- Toodles Heart Ring again. Did I mention - it's Adjustable!

Check back next week for photos, keep your fingers crossed!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Quartz Skulls and Copper

Magpie Gemstones quartz crystal skulls and lots of copper! Three cute little bracelets, each sporting a crystal skull. They are so much more beautiful than the camera will capture. My favorite is the one in the center.

Toodles Weave with Labradorite

More lovely Magpie Gemstones treasure! This Labradorite cabochon is simply scrumptious! It has so much more fire than the camera will pick up.
Just a hair over one and a half inches tall, from the top of the Toodles bale to the bottom coil of copper wire and almost one and one quarter inches wide.
Toodles Weaving at it's finest, floating on a solid copper link chain with a handmade, hammered spiral clasp!

Tree of Life with a Raku Goddess

Oooooo, I've been playing with some lovely treasures from Magpie Gemstones.
This wonderful little Raku Goddess jumped into the pile of rainbow chakra stones and tied herself to the tree with a rope of copper wire.
She's just shy of 1 inch by her lonesome, and the whole pendant is a whopping 3 inches tall, from tip of the woven Toodles bale to the the dear tangled roots.
She looks great floating from a chunk of Magpie solid copper chain, with a handmade spiral clasp, of course!

It's that time again - new classes

My, time flies when you're having fun! It's time to schedule the classes for the last quarter of this year - October thru Dec.
Is there any class YOU would like to have repeated?
Or a technique you'd like to learn?
Leave a comment or drop me a note -

I'm leaning toward earrings, the muse is dancing some intriguing designs in my little pea brain.
There's a cute little angel flittering around for Christmas.
And a lovely little free form bead soup bracelet, just a little bit of braiding maybe.
Hmmmmmmmm, fitting a watch face into a bangle bracelet?
Maybe a cute little adjustable ring with lots of sparkly dangles?

Whatcha think?