Friday, June 08, 2007

Boring update

Ugggggggg, it's been a long spring! I've morphed thru several computers, (dear hunny collects them and tinkers, good exercise for a stroke addled brain) and a couple of OS's. Today, I am using XP and hopeful that all the crashing is done. *grin* Now I must learn how to use it.... uggggggg again

I have a *new* camera, an hp R725 which has some wowie kazowie features. Fingers crossed that when I plug it in the computer, all will proceed properly. Such has not been the case to date. A long and winding road. LOL

Now, hopefully, fingers, toes and eyes crossed, I will have time for jewelry making and can post something new!!!! But first I must make more copper/magnetic hemastuff cuffs. *heavy sigh*

So, happy day, everyone! Thanks for checking in and come back often. You just never know what may turn up!