Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rising to the challenge - SBS braided bracelet

Hehehe, Esther issued a challenge, and then the bulldog muse would Not Let Go.

This bracelet is my version of Frances Harper's *Braided Silver Bracelet* as published in the Winter 2010 issue of Step By Step Wire Jewelry.
Esther was Right - a wicked bear to start! OMG, I, too, had to give up and Start Over!

My weaving is not even, the beginning is much more open than the remaining 2/3rds, but overall, I'm content. Will I make another? hmmmm, not tonight! *grin*
Of course I had to wing it - no knitting needles and no yogart container and no table to put the yogart container on, if I'd had one...
So, out came a length of 12g wire and a little spring clamp. Much easier to keep the beginning wires in line with the little clamp!!! The small clamp also allowed me to work in my usual *up in the air, close to the face so I can See* position. hehehehe

It was fun (eventually)! Thanks Frances and SBS! I learned a thing or two on the journey, and That's what it's All About!

Oh, I changed a couple parts.... Spiraled all the stray ends, used one of the braid wires for the hook, another to wind around the whole thing to keep it tight, and left off the focal bead....

Works for me.

Versions of my cuffs

Hey WWJ peeps! Here are a couple old versions of my 12g magnetic cuff. The current versions are similar, but always evolving.

Not doing this double wire side version any more. This is 14g copper wire sides, 18g bindings , 8mm tiger eye cubes and magnetic hematite.

The cuff on the left is 12g copper surrounding magnetic hematite and tiger eye. The garnet jelly roll is either 12 or 14g, don't remember....

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm looking for another place to teach... Ideas?

Long story short, I need a place to teach classes, starting in January... ATBGO is closing the end of Dec. I'm so sad to see it go.
[[[ edited to remove classes, everything has been canceled due to rapid selling of stock and nothing left to have class with. Stay tuned for future progress. ]]]

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nov meetup for the San Marcos Faux Society!

Heyya! We're going to play at Hobby Lobby, in the classroom! We're tossing around making leaves, in honor of fall. Or bring a UFO (that's an unfinished project) or just come soak up some fun!
2 o'clock until whenever, or 4 o'clock, depending on when we get chased out.
Bring your tools 'n stuff, or just bring yourself!
RSVP would be fun, but not mandatory.
Holler if you need a ride, maybe someone lives/works close enough to help.
San An peeps are meeting at my place for carpooling and caravaning, holler if you need directions.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Playing with copper sheet and a friend

Tonya came to play, on her way south. We pulled out the copper sheet and hammers and cutters and mini torch for color and assorted other tools and spent the day creating.....

Tonya's lovely sheet earrings. She can add or remove the large back piece, depending on her mood and the day's activity. Most excellent results for her very first time ever playing with sheet copper!

Mine look like christmas trees, so appropriate for the time of year.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Suggestions for next quarter classes???

It's That time Again! I'm assembling the list of classes for Jan thru March.
Do YOU have a suggestion?
What project would you like to learn?
What day and time works for YOU?
I'll try to work it in!

Leave a comment here or write to me at sherrys.jewels@gmail.com

Whatcha think of this one?

~Celtic Dreamer in Turquoise~