Friday, December 28, 2007

Scallops bracelet class

A fun little project for class. Suitable for beginners, fun for pros. Lovely little scallops all around your wrist.

Your choice of sterling or copper. Choose your beads.

Feb 29 - Friday -- two classes from which to choose-
1 - 3 -- OR -- 6 - 8 pm

Friday, December 21, 2007

Hammered Heart - Be My Valetine! Mother's Heart - Class

Hearts and sparkles, won't you be mine? Hammer some copper, wrap some sterling for detail, make a few jumprings, dangle a whole assortment of sparklies, then turn a bit of wire and some cord into a necklace to show off your lovely new creation. Come join me and play with wire. You deserve a day out with the girls.

The large heart as shown is about 2" tall, made of heavy gauge copper wire, hammered flat in strategic places and textured, then oxidized to bring out the depth. Sterling wire may be available.

Choose family birthstones instead of Valentine colors to make a family heirloom Mother's Heart. What a perfect gift for mom or grandmom!
Or, choose Your favorite color pallet instead.

Class instruction $45, plus supplies

April 25 - Fri -
12 - 3 --- OR --- 6 - 9

June 20 - Fri -
12 - 3 --- OR --- 6 - 9

Another version, this one is for sale at the store -

Friday, December 14, 2007

Dreams of Herringbone - Class

Learn the variations of herringbone weaving. Feel the difference, a large chunky bead and heavy wire, a small bead and delicate wire. Let the muse speak!

March 14 - Fri - Dreams of Herringbone
12 - 3 -- OR -- 6 - 9

April 18 - Fri -
12 - 3 --- OR --- 6 - 9

June 27 - Fri -
12 - 3 --- OR --- 6 - 9

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Clever Ear Wires and Findings! - Class

This is a tiny sampling of the types of ear wires we'll learn. I have many more styles cooking in the recesses of my little head. Come and see. We'll also learn toggles and clasps, cones to end your necklace, headpins, and other treasures for your Findings arsenal.

Make your treasures stand out in the crowd. Don't settle for off the shelf!

Instruction fee plus kit -- practice in copper, with sterling wire available

June 13 - Fri --
12 - 3 --- OR --- 6 - 9

Butterfly Kisses and Fairie Wings - Class

To me, this bracelet looks like butterfly wings or maybe fairies...

Change the beads, change the look entirely. Learn to bind wire, spiral, and fashion a clasp that is an integral part of the bracelet.

What a delicious little bangle! You choose your favorite beads and we'll play together.

June 6 - Fri -
12 - 3 --- OR --- 6 - 9

instruction fee plus kit, your choice of sterling or copper

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bootcamp for Toodles Weaving with Wire -- Schedule for 2008 classes

I am teaching wire classes at the lovely bead shop in Bracken Village -
-- And the Bead Goes On! -- in Garden Ridge, TX, next to the Bawdsy ManorTea Room Calendar and mapquest available online.

Bootcamp - a series of classes leading up to The Toodles Weave -
Classes ARE available during the day - OR at night - 6 - 9 pm. Whatcha think? Wanna come? Bring a friend! Sign up online at the store website above or Call the store - (210) 651-3363

Class #1 -- Intro to Wire - - Serpentine Bracelet
Learn the basics of wire work and how to handle the tools by making various components to assemble a unique bracelet.
Learn the straight up noose, serpent link, jump rings, dangle charms, S-hook, hammering and oxidizing. There are at least 6 earring combinations resulting from the skills gleaned in these techniques.
Classroom tools are available for your use and for purchase. Or bring your own and I'll show a little tip to avoid tool marks on your wire.

Skill Level: Beginner -- Never handled wire before? Come join the addiction!
$45 plus materials

May2 - Fri --
12 - 3 --- OR --- 6 - 9 pm

Class #2 The Jelly Roll Cuff -- Coiled and Beaded Cuff Bracelet - 8mm beads and a bit of wire, viola! Your very own wearable art! Change the beads, change the look entirely! Positively stunning with Swarovski crystals!

$45 plus materials

April 4 - Fri -
12 - 3 -- OR -- 6 - 9

May 9 - Fri -
12 - 3 -- OR -- 6 - 9

Earrings using the same techniques. If you're fast in class, we'll do these, too.
Class #3 -- Toodles Ring - Learn the Toodles Weave by creating an adjustable ring with charming dangly beads.
$45 plus materials

Feb 27, Wed --
12 - 3 -- OR -- 6 - 9

May 16, Fri --
12 - 3 -- OR -- 6 - 9

Class #4 -- Toodles Pendant - Expand the Toodles Weave to capture a cabochon or cameo. This is the tutorial featured in the Summer *Preview* edition of Step By Step Wire Jewelry magazine, which is out of print. Now available direct from the author - moi!
$45 plus materials

Starting in March, this class is going to 4 hours, which means the night classes will be split into 2 consecutive weeks, 2 hours each.

March 5 - Wed -
11 - 3 - Complete class
6 - 8 - Part 1

March 12 - Wed -
11 - 3
- Complete class
6 - 8 - Part 2

May 23, Fri --
11 - 3
6 - 8 Part 1

May 30, Fri --
11 - 3
6 - 8 Part 2

Come on down, y'all! Join the fun! 10% discount if you sign up for all four Bootcamp classes!!!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Guitar Pick and Tiger Eye earrings

Whoowhoo, second in the series! Luscious tiger eye rectangles matched with two unlabeled picks. Tiny bali style spacers, 20 gauge sterling silver wire, handmade and hammered ear wires.
3" top to tip.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Guitar Pick with Tiger Eye

Ta-da! The first in a series of jewelry showcasing guitar picks, inspired by my Nashville trip.

Lovely, chatoyant, shimmering tiger eye from Turquoise Magpie, each rectangle is over 1" long, with tiny bali style spacers and 20 gauge sterling silver wire, carefully twisted into place, suspended from 3mm brown leather cord.

18" long

Do YOU have a favorite pick that needs hanging?
sherrys.jewels at

My sister and the Nashvegas wedding!

A lovely sunny day for a beautiful couple! Welcome to the family, dear Bryan!!! Good friends and lovely scenery, ahhhh fall in Tennesee, it couldn't have been better. Oh wait, just a bit better if key people had arrived on time. LOL
Bo, Mary and Russ, headed down the aisle. Who's holding up who? Thanks for taking care of her, guys! (YES, it's Him! The crazy pirate! And I Touched Him!)
Crazy Train, baby! Pass the Cabo!

Viking Knit in Sterling Silver

While visiting my sister in Nashville for her wedding, I managed to finish 3 viking knit necklaces with 28 gauge sterling silver. Lovely, much needed rain kept us away from the tourist haunts, so hand me the wire and I'm happy.

The inner necklace is 15" long, made with 5 loops, which is a bit more open than I like. A grand experiment, and always a learning experience. It makes a lovely double wrapped bracelet on my 6 1/2" wrist, but I must resist keeping it, must'n I? hhhhmmmm...

The others are 17 1/2" and 19 1/2" with 7 loops, which gives a more substantial feeling.

Each currently has 4 jumprings, for slight adjustment to length. I can add a bit of chain as an extender, if they need to be a bit longer.

Each necklace is 1/8" wide which is 3.18mm.

All are quite supple and feel wonderful on the skin.

$10 per inch

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bloodstone - Toodles series

Ah, bloodstone! Treasured friends wanted a piece for a sister, who collects bloodstone. The muse delivered...

Birthstone giftie for my baby sister

Headed for my sister in Nashville! Gorgeous faceted opalite beads, a few bali silver beads and caps, wrapped in miles of sterling silver wire, add a hammered heart for the clasp, providing a place for the lovely opal to hang.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

whoowhoo, I'm on ebay! - Toodles series

Here's your chance to pick up a piece (or 3) of my art from the comfort of your own home. Dear friends have listed 3 of my pieces on ebay.
Search ebay for seller tuttomurano (Note - the ebay listings have expired, so sorry you missed them)

Be sure to check out their other offerings, oooo such deliciously gorgeous glass!

First, Rutile Splendor, more pictures in my entry for Oct 3, and on ebay -

Toodles series - Green agate woven bezel, more pictures in my entry for September 21, 2006, shot before oxidizing, and on ebay, but those don't seem to show the lovely apple green, or is it my monitor that's wrong?
Toodles series - A vintage turquoise cabochon, raw copper wire, which I can oxidize if desired, with a triple strand leather and non-tarnish copper necklace. More pictures on ebay.

The Toodles Weave tutorial in PDF form -

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Turquoise curlies - Toodles series - Sold

One more vintage turquoise cab, lovingly captured in copper wire. Copper is such a natural mate for turquoise given that they come from the same bit of earth.
The turquoise piece is 30x40mm, the entire piece is 1 5/8" wide and 2 1/4" tall. Carefully oxidized to control the tarnish. A simple wipe with any soft cloth will make it shine in moments.
The bail is, again, a large hook, making it a simple matter to switch between heavy chain or a leather cord necklace, short today and long tomorrow. Ahhhh, versatility!

Own the Toodles Weave tutorial in PDF form -
Here -
Or Here -

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Rutile Splendor

The muse has spoken. This rectangular quartz cabochon is loaded with delicate rutile hairs. I've been holding it in my special stash for a very long time, waiting for the perfect companions. Finally, it has all come together.

Lovely 8mm faceted quartz beads, many of which are loaded with rutile, or green moss, or red/orange ??? Bali silver spacers and bead caps, with 20 gauge sterling silver inside the beads to make the links, 22g SS for the herringbone wrap on the single beads, meticulously wrapped into place. 18 gauge for the wave links, hammered for strength and interest. The bail on the focal rectangle is a hook, for easy removal to wear it alone on a chain or leather.

Jewelry for generations, pass it down to your children's children's children. No worries! No solder, no glue, just skill with wire and pliers.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Labradorite Chunkie - Toodles series

Aztec T reminded me that I have a stash of gorgeous Labradorite chunks. They are polished on one side and rough all around. The challenge - cover as little stone as possible, but protect all the rough edges... This one worked. *happy dance*

Much more gorgeous schiller than my camera would capture. With miles of copper wire, it stands 2 3/4" tall and 1 3/4" wide. Another Statement piece. Not for the shy and timid.

Next step, the oxidizing. Couldn't wait to share. *grin*

Own the Toodles Weave tutorial in PDF form -
Here -

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Aztec Treasure in the daylight

OK, so I took everything outside, into the heat, to see how sunlight would look. Of 14 shots, only 2 were worth keeping. *sigh*
The wire shows up a bit better here, as does the beveling, but still, so much detail is hiding...

A new shot of the back, showing the beveling a bit better than the one last night.

Aztec Treasure

A special piece for a special man.
I've been commissioned to join an Aztec calendar medallion with a beautiful multi-beveled quartz. Ancient civilization to ancient earth. I hope I've done them justice... The camera certainly won't.
The challenge - a simple, masculine piece. No glue, no solder, only wire. At first, I thought silver, but oxidized copper is so much more fitting to the ancient theme.
The back side - the beautifully clear quartz allows the reverse side of the medallion to make it's presence known. Lovely from any angle...

Four inches tall from top of bail to point. What a conversation starter!
Patrick, it's ready.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Copper Chaos Explosions with Tiger Eye

The muse grabbed me today and out popped this bracelet. I threw caution to the wind and worked on chaos. I find chaos Very Difficult! The little rocks make a very pleasing sound when moved.
I've been sitting on a whole pile of these odd shaped stones, waiting for inspiration. I think I'm kind of pleased with this version. The darkness of the oxidation makes the copper blend rather nicely with the tiger eye.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The beginnings of treasure

A small sampling, the simple beginnings, from the treasure of Szarka. A handful of earrings waiting for hooks....

Two with round rubies, one with garnet nuggets, then jade rectangles, on to slender yet plump tiger eye tubes (oh the lovely play of light!) and in the center, "purple stone"! Aaahhh, purple!!!
Scattered around the pile, sterling silver in a variety of forms.

Peridot from Szarka's treasures

A peaceful day spent with a wonderful lady and her delightful family (declared eccentric by some, downright homey to me *grin*). The beads! The color! Everywhere, something beautiful. I think I spent most of the day totally dazed and distracted by the muse, who was trying to decide which lovely temptations HAD to go home Immediately. So distracted that I never touched or even thought about the wire project which is my constant companion, abandoned on the floor...

Finally back at home, when I slowed in my drooling and fondling, this lovely faceted peridot begged to try on most of the wardrobe in my apparently meager stash of silver and finally decided to sit between two lovely Bali beads. During this search, out jumped the lovely Danish Knot, acquired during a link swap on WWJ. Hey Bonnie G.W., recognize your handiwork? I think it's perfect to suspend this lovely collection. Thank you so much for sharing!

Dangling beneath - four tiny rectangles of peridot and two luscious amethyst brios. The lovely peridot chips do dual duty, worn either long or lariat style, as in the pitiful picture. (I Must master the settings on this camera!!!)

Thank you, dearest Sz, for a lovely and most memorable day!
Edit Fri pm - This picture provides a bit different effect. Found it tonight in the raw photo file... I know, it's cattywampus, but I like the coloring better...

Pretty little difuser bottle

A cute little bottle for fragrance oils. I have a variety of little bottles awaiting inspiration from the muse. This one insisted on shades of purple, go figure! The gentle scent floating from the sticks is wonderful.
A variety of "vines" to hold the fragrance bottle. No muss, no fuss when it's time to change to a new scent. The bottles are 1/2 oz and just shy of 3" tall.
My favorite - I soooo love hanging things! But so very difficult to get a good picture. There are more beads and another "S" at the top.