Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bootcamp for Toodles Weaving with Wire -- Schedule for 2008 classes

I am teaching wire classes at the lovely bead shop in Bracken Village -
-- And the Bead Goes On! -- in Garden Ridge, TX, next to the Bawdsy ManorTea Room
http://andthebeadgoesonline.com/ Calendar and mapquest available online.

Bootcamp - a series of classes leading up to The Toodles Weave -
Classes ARE available during the day - OR at night - 6 - 9 pm. Whatcha think? Wanna come? Bring a friend! Sign up online at the store website above or Call the store - (210) 651-3363

Class #1 -- Intro to Wire - - Serpentine Bracelet
Learn the basics of wire work and how to handle the tools by making various components to assemble a unique bracelet.
Learn the straight up noose, serpent link, jump rings, dangle charms, S-hook, hammering and oxidizing. There are at least 6 earring combinations resulting from the skills gleaned in these techniques.
Classroom tools are available for your use and for purchase. Or bring your own and I'll show a little tip to avoid tool marks on your wire.

Skill Level: Beginner -- Never handled wire before? Come join the addiction!
$45 plus materials

May2 - Fri --
12 - 3 --- OR --- 6 - 9 pm

Class #2 The Jelly Roll Cuff -- Coiled and Beaded Cuff Bracelet - 8mm beads and a bit of wire, viola! Your very own wearable art! Change the beads, change the look entirely! Positively stunning with Swarovski crystals!

$45 plus materials

April 4 - Fri -
12 - 3 -- OR -- 6 - 9

May 9 - Fri -
12 - 3 -- OR -- 6 - 9

Earrings using the same techniques. If you're fast in class, we'll do these, too.
Class #3 -- Toodles Ring - Learn the Toodles Weave by creating an adjustable ring with charming dangly beads.
$45 plus materials

Feb 27, Wed --
12 - 3 -- OR -- 6 - 9

May 16, Fri --
12 - 3 -- OR -- 6 - 9

Class #4 -- Toodles Pendant - Expand the Toodles Weave to capture a cabochon or cameo. This is the tutorial featured in the Summer *Preview* edition of Step By Step Wire Jewelry magazine, which is out of print. Now available direct from the author - moi!
$45 plus materials

Starting in March, this class is going to 4 hours, which means the night classes will be split into 2 consecutive weeks, 2 hours each.

March 5 - Wed -
11 - 3 - Complete class
6 - 8 - Part 1

March 12 - Wed -
11 - 3
- Complete class
6 - 8 - Part 2

May 23, Fri --
11 - 3
6 - 8 Part 1

May 30, Fri --
11 - 3
6 - 8 Part 2

Come on down, y'all! Join the fun! 10% discount if you sign up for all four Bootcamp classes!!!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Guitar Pick and Tiger Eye earrings

Whoowhoo, second in the series! Luscious tiger eye rectangles matched with two unlabeled picks. Tiny bali style spacers, 20 gauge sterling silver wire, handmade and hammered ear wires.
3" top to tip.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Guitar Pick with Tiger Eye

Ta-da! The first in a series of jewelry showcasing guitar picks, inspired by my Nashville trip.

Lovely, chatoyant, shimmering tiger eye from Turquoise Magpie, each rectangle is over 1" long, with tiny bali style spacers and 20 gauge sterling silver wire, carefully twisted into place, suspended from 3mm brown leather cord.

18" long

Do YOU have a favorite pick that needs hanging?
sherrys.jewels at gmail.com

My sister and the Nashvegas wedding!

A lovely sunny day for a beautiful couple! Welcome to the family, dear Bryan!!! Good friends and lovely scenery, ahhhh fall in Tennesee, it couldn't have been better. Oh wait, just a bit better if key people had arrived on time. LOL
Bo, Mary and Russ, headed down the aisle. Who's holding up who? Thanks for taking care of her, guys! (YES, it's Him! The crazy pirate! And I Touched Him!)
Crazy Train, baby! Pass the Cabo!

Viking Knit in Sterling Silver

While visiting my sister in Nashville for her wedding, I managed to finish 3 viking knit necklaces with 28 gauge sterling silver. Lovely, much needed rain kept us away from the tourist haunts, so hand me the wire and I'm happy.

The inner necklace is 15" long, made with 5 loops, which is a bit more open than I like. A grand experiment, and always a learning experience. It makes a lovely double wrapped bracelet on my 6 1/2" wrist, but I must resist keeping it, must'n I? hhhhmmmm...

The others are 17 1/2" and 19 1/2" with 7 loops, which gives a more substantial feeling.

Each currently has 4 jumprings, for slight adjustment to length. I can add a bit of chain as an extender, if they need to be a bit longer.

Each necklace is 1/8" wide which is 3.18mm.

All are quite supple and feel wonderful on the skin.

$10 per inch