Monday, July 14, 2008

Guitar picks on cable

Hah! My stash of guitar picks surfaced the other day, and my dremel made an appearance right after. Then, a trip to see Szarka, and of course a wander thru Magpie Gemstones , led to snagging some interesting black cable to make chokers.
I _luv_ the skull beads! All the beads are solid copper, by the way. No yukkie plated stuff here.
Many more picks are waiting to be hung....
What do _you_ think?

Friday, July 11, 2008

My first attempt at solder and silversmithing

Whoowoooo! I spent today playing with silver, solder and torches! Oh my oh my what a day.
It has a few glitches, and I wish I'd made the bail a bit shorter, but over all, I'm quite pleased. I chose a large dichroic piece, and only scratched it once. Of course, the camera won't do justice to the dichro shimmer.

Mike, at And The Bead Goes On, is a great and patient teacher. I highly advise taking his class if you've been wanting to learn to solder. Thank you, dear Colette, for twisting my arm!

Hmmmmmmmm, what pretty little stone can I wire wrap to that gigantic expanse of bail.....
*mumble mumble... must go dig thru my stash...*

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Scallops again, Szarka copper beads

ooooooooo, some yummie copper beads from Szarka, at Magpie Gemstones
Aren't they lovely in the Scallops weave?
The round beads started out gorgeous, sparkly stardust and diamond cut.
Then I dunked them in oxidizer. hmmmmmmmmmm
I liked the sparkle best....
Oh well, must follow where the muse leads....

Friday, July 04, 2008

Possibles bags

A Possibles Bag to hold your treasures. Ditch the cash box, these are so much more useful and secure when doing shows! Tied around your waist or thrown over a shoulder, they are so much more attractive than a fanny pack.

Montebello Italia leather, butter soft and oh so fragrant!

Hand made from start to finish, from cutting the strips and pieces of leather to braiding. Three pockets to stash all your show dollars. 7 x 8 inches for the pockets.

The dark chocolate bag on the left is for Dani, the cute little sterling donkey a totem of her miniature friend at home.

The lovely bag on the right is for Esther. I can't find a good dragon for her totem namesake, so she gets a Dancingfeather signature feather.

Enjoy, my friends!

Would you like one of your own? Email me! sherrys.jewels@