Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Toodles tut is online! Thank you my friends!

I am in awe at the direction life has taken and the wonderfulness of friends. Such a short time ago, I was a moderately happy hermit, minding my own biz and twisting some wire.

Wire weaving with Princess Leia took over my wire, a tutorial was born and published. My wire work changed.

My sweetie had severe and ongoing health issues and "Live one day at a time for all it's worth" became so much more important.

A wonderful lady moved not far away, we've become dear friends, her socialite proclivities drew me into a circle of many more dear kindred spirits. I thank you all for drawing me out of hermitdom, though it is a slow process still...

Then, a local store owner came along, saw my work, I became a teacher in her store. I've had the honor and pleasure of passing my bits of knowledge to many wonderful ladies.

Now I carry a calendar, track dates and times and I'm loving it! Mostly.... ugg, schedules! *grin*

Thank you, my dear friends, for changing the direction of my life! There are more good things in the near future, I'm sure...

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