Friday, July 11, 2008

My first attempt at solder and silversmithing

Whoowoooo! I spent today playing with silver, solder and torches! Oh my oh my what a day.
It has a few glitches, and I wish I'd made the bail a bit shorter, but over all, I'm quite pleased. I chose a large dichroic piece, and only scratched it once. Of course, the camera won't do justice to the dichro shimmer.

Mike, at And The Bead Goes On, is a great and patient teacher. I highly advise taking his class if you've been wanting to learn to solder. Thank you, dear Colette, for twisting my arm!

Hmmmmmmmm, what pretty little stone can I wire wrap to that gigantic expanse of bail.....
*mumble mumble... must go dig thru my stash...*

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