Saturday, September 06, 2008

It's that time again - new classes

My, time flies when you're having fun! It's time to schedule the classes for the last quarter of this year - October thru Dec.
Is there any class YOU would like to have repeated?
Or a technique you'd like to learn?
Leave a comment or drop me a note -

I'm leaning toward earrings, the muse is dancing some intriguing designs in my little pea brain.
There's a cute little angel flittering around for Christmas.
And a lovely little free form bead soup bracelet, just a little bit of braiding maybe.
Hmmmmmmmm, fitting a watch face into a bangle bracelet?
Maybe a cute little adjustable ring with lots of sparkly dangles?

Whatcha think?


Suzanne E. Gregory said...

I like all your class suggestions, especially the watch bangle and the angel.


Sherry said...

Thanks, hunnie! The angel brought a friend from the Muse, so there will be two versions to play with.

However, the watch went into hiding, perhaps to emerge next quarter? I hope so, I saw a lovely vision flit thru as a tease, which I hope I can do justice to.