Monday, May 04, 2009

Introducing San Marcos Bead and Wire Faux Society

Are you close to San Marcos Texas on the *third* Thursday of every month?
Or willing to travel to be there?
Do you love beads and or wire jewelry?
If you're interested, come play with us addicts around 2pm.

Why faux, you wonder? We are going to be Very Informal. No dues, no rules, no expectations, just plain fun.

All friendly jewelry artists are Welcome!
Tell a friend!

**Edited to add - We now have a yahoo group dedicated to the Faux Society. Join us to keep up to date -


Dave Robertson said...

Hi Sherry, funny co-inky-dink, I was just Twittering about bead societies, then stumbled across this blog post while looking for something else! Small world :) Have fun meeting up, love the "faux" name!

(@Rings_Things on Twitter)

mrs beadsley said...

Sherry-if I leave Maine today, I will make it by the next gathering....*big ole heavy sigh* seems like Texas is the place to be!!!! I'd end by saying have a good time, but I figure you do, cuz that's you!