Monday, July 12, 2010

Silversmithing with Don Norris! Soon again in San Antonio!

 {{{ Edited 7/16 - see next post for complete details, there's been a happy change for Texas class fees!! }}}

Heyya peeps! Don's class in San Antonio, which was forever in the distant future, is suddenly almost HERE! August 26 thru the 30th, 5 days, 3 classes. 
Just over one month left to wait and prepare! *happy dancing all around the place*

I am definitely attending the Bench class on Monday and toying with doing the Beginner class again, Thur/Fri, just because it's so much fun and there is sooooo much to learn from Don. After taking his class last Feb, I have No More Torch Fear. I understand soooo many things left out or left fuzzy in the other smithing class a couple of years ago, with another sweet but "traditional approach" teacher. Don cuts right down to business and makes it soo easy!

Anyway, who else is coming???? Break out the piggy bank, clear the calendar, this is the best investment you will Ever make! There are so many pretty possibilities floating around my head now, I Need more hours in my day and more nice weather to spend sitting out in my little work space.

So, sign up and tell Don I sent you! I get Brownie points for spreading the word, and I Need Brownie Points!!! Not in Texas? No problem, he travels alll over, if he's not already scheduled for Your area, talk the local bead shop, or where-ever, into having him over. And still tell him I sent you! Brownie points are universal, donchaknow!

Don's Schedule for the whole country here --
More info and tips here --

Don's descriptions of his classes --
*Beginning Silversmithing Class, and we will make a ring. (Note from Sherry -- Understatement!!!)
*Intermediate Silversmithing Class, we will make a solid, textured, band ring, a bangle bracelet, and a pair of ear rings.
*Bench Tricks, we will cover alot of the tricks, and easy ways to do everything. Although this is not a project class we will make a pair of ear rings, a leaf which we can make and put a pin back onto, and some other neat stuff, I mean jewelry!

Here are some of the projects I made in class last February. 
My Beginner class - a three band ring.
 I can now make little silver balls!!!!! They are sooo much fun!
Some students made pendants, everything came out gorgeous!!!

Advanced class - A wide band ring
Is this cool or what!?! Wendy brought some of her dicro glass cabs -->> so many pretties, so hard to choose.

Advanced class - Three wire cuff
This was a Challenge! I wasn't fast enough to put the stone in during class, and I haven't made time to buff and polish it, yet, so just ignore those little glitchy places. 
(Bad Girl! Juggle thy schedule Better!) 
But, it's soooo purty!!! I'm so impressed with myself! And I love Don for giving me such glorious new skills!!!!!
I learned to avoid stones this large, because they require more heat than one plumber's torch can deliver. Now, if I had another hand or two.... and a second torch.... maybe....
In the meantime, there are plenty of other things to make, all thanks to Don sharing his Wisdom and shortcuts!

Plus a whole variety of wire practice pieces that were lots of fun.

Here's the Texas schedule for the rest of this year --

Lake Jackson, TX Beginning  Sat/Sun  7/8
Pearland, Houston, TX Beginning  Thurs/Fri  12/13
Pearland, Houston, TX   Intermediate  Sat/Sun  14/15
Pearland, Houston, TX   1day, Bench Tricks  Mon  16

San Antonio, TX, Beginning  Thur/Fri   19/20
      San Antonio, TX, Intermediate Sat/Sun   21/22  
      San Antonio, TX, 1day, Bench Tricks  Mon  23

       Waco, TX, Beginning  Thur/Fri   26/27
      Waco, TX, Intermediate Sat/Sun   28/29  
      Waco, TX, 1day, Bench Tricks  Mon  30


{{{edited 7/16 - Sorry Alpine, I have no details, but your classes have been canceled. Contact Don for more info, web link below}}
      Alpine, TX, Agate Hunt  Thur  2
      Alpine, TX, Lapidary Class, Cut Agate  Fri  3
      Alpine, TX, Beginning   Sat/sun  4/5 }}}}}}

      Arlington, TX, 1 day, Bench Tricks  Wed  8
      Arlington, TX, Beginning  Thur/Fri   9/10
      Arlington, TX, Intermediate  Sat/Sun 11/12

I might have missed some classes, so if you are not listed here, go check Don's list!

Now git on over there and sign up!!!! And tell him I sent You!


A Beaded Affair said...

Note to self, "Must make Hubby move to Texas". You guys have all the fun.

Carol B said...

Hi Sherry,

Thank you so much for this info! I'm totally impressed with your "beginner" ring. I've been lurking in the Yahoo group for a while and really enjoy your posts. I plan to take Don's beginner and intermediate classes. CB

Sherry said...

Oh Goodie! So glad I could help! Which area are you in? The San Antonio classes?
Prepare to be totally filled to the brim with information! No time to take notes, so much to absorb.
Don makes smithing soooo easy and makes everything make sense - Not just "do it like this" but "this is the reason to do it like This!"
I can't wait to see what you make!
You NEED to join in the meetups and gatherings!!!