Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Custom Wrap for Linda and Malcolm

Linda and Malcolm asked me to wrap a special quartz point. All finished....

Thanks for letting me play!
Huge Thanks to Suzanne for hooking us up!!!! *smooch*

=============== edited to add commentary from Linda =====================
snip -------

I simply LOVE the wire-work on the crystal.  You turned something pretty into something exquisite.  You are a super artist!  I highly recommend you for custom work, or suggest that people go and browse your booth, as there are many beautiful pieces just waiting to be bought.
------- end snip

Thanks for sayin' m'dear!
For everyone not close enough to browse in person, check out my ever growing ArtFire store --->>>   http://Sherrys-Jewels.com


Anonymous said...

These are AMAZING!

~Sherry~ said...

Chaos and Crow --->>> I love your name!
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note! Much appreciated!!!
I love it when a special piece takes life and captures the owner's heart.