Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Princess Leia Goes to the Beach - Toodles series

Winning entry in a wire work challenge. What a thrill! Miles of copper wire, a vintage turquoise cabochon, a raw ruby, a tiny quartz point from Arkansas. As I was photographing the piece, the top spiral screamed *Princess Leia*, and the theme of the challenge was summer vacation, so... with all that gorgeous blue and all those crashing waves... viola! She named herself.

From this piece, the Toodles Series was born...

The Toodles Weave tutorial in PDF form -

This shot is before oxidation. What a dramatic difference!


Rachel said...

this is gorgeous! i am a beginner, but i would LOVE to learn how to make something that unique. you are an artist girl! congrats on the win...well deserved!

Leah said...

Love this bracelet!

Sherry said...

Thanks for the lovely comments! Weaving is quite addicting!