Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Green agate and viking knit - Toodles series

The green agate pendant migrated onto my viking knit necklace for the Austin gathering. It gets more attention than it's sister, the shades of brown jasper pendant. The raw copper wire is taking on beautiful patina in various crevices and shines a lovely pinkish orangey color on all the high points

The necklace hooks in the front, has 3 black glass crystals with Bali silver spacers and bead caps, viking knit with non-tarnish copper wire.

The Toodles Weave tutorial in PDF form -


Anonymous said...

Your pieces one to the next are so beautiful. This one is stunning!

Melissa in NJ

Anonymous said...

LOL! I must have really liked this one because when I was visiting your blog to see what was new I was drawn to this piece again and went to leave a comment about how much I loved it...just to see I HAD left a comment before!!! :)

Melissa in NJ

Sherry said...

hehehe, glad you like it, hun! It sure is fun to do!
Thanks bunches for leaving a comment!
The pendant is still for sale, waiting for it's own special owner.

Jane Of Handmade Jewelry Club said...

The creations are beautiful!