Monday, May 14, 2007

Playing with ox and cords - Toodles series

Playing with oxidizing and cord for this smallish piece. I definitely like the darkened copper best. I found some 2mm round leather cord that will balance well with the heavier pendants. So, that led to making a coiled tube of twisted copper for the center. Needs darkening, too, if I use it with this pendant, haven't decided yet....
Yuck, rulers in the photo look so tacky, but I needed to be able to show a perspective owner it's size.
Opinions? With the coil or without?

5/30 Update - Darling Daughter Number Two received it and loves it.
"I can't believe how much detail is in the pendent, that must take a lot of time to make."

Yup! Happy Birthday, hunnybear! Each twist full of love (with a few grumbles thrown in for good measure and balance, don'cha know!)

I went with coil on leather and am quite happy, myownhumbleself. *grin* Now, for the other woven heavy pendants, I'm working on a simplified version of a viking knit, in the non-tarnish copper, with an oxidized coil to tie the pieces together.... Got one done, now to take photos with my new camera. (Fell into an HP 6MP and oh boyoh buddy is it sweet! Thanks, Denise!!!!!)
later, gator

The Toodles Weave tutorial in PDF form -

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