Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Black River - Black Onyx Toodles

Glossy black onyx with a shimmery white river flowing across the side, wrapped in miles of copper wire, oxidized to black velvet in all the depths. Luscious!
No solder, no glue, just wire and pliers and blessings from the muse.

The 30x40mm cab makes the finished piece nearly 2-1/2 x 1-3/4 inches. Large hook bail will fit any size chain or ribbon.
Currently available at And the Bead Goes On, in Bracken Village. Email Sue and Ellen for online buying details -


LJ said...

I rarely see wire work this fabulous & wearable. Just beautiful!!!

Sherry said...

Thank You, m'dear! **deep curtsy**
I am amazed by what the muse passes thru my humble fingers.
I do so love to play with wire.


Anna Lee said...

Very nice wrapping. I don't really know what toodles means, but all my beady friends are talking about them!
Keep up the great wire work...
-AnnaLee in Toronto

Sherry said...

Hahaha! Thank your beady friends for me! I'd love to see photos of their finished Toodles and if anyone has questions, just holler.

Toodles is my signature sign-off for messages and my signature wire weaving wrap. I'm happy to share it with the beady world.