Tuesday, October 09, 2007

whoowhoo, I'm on ebay! - Toodles series

Here's your chance to pick up a piece (or 3) of my art from the comfort of your own home. Dear friends have listed 3 of my pieces on ebay.
Search ebay for seller tuttomurano (Note - the ebay listings have expired, so sorry you missed them)

Be sure to check out their other offerings, oooo such deliciously gorgeous glass!

First, Rutile Splendor, more pictures in my entry for Oct 3, and on ebay -

Toodles series - Green agate woven bezel, more pictures in my entry for September 21, 2006, shot before oxidizing, and on ebay, but those don't seem to show the lovely apple green, or is it my monitor that's wrong?
Toodles series - A vintage turquoise cabochon, raw copper wire, which I can oxidize if desired, with a triple strand leather and non-tarnish copper necklace. More pictures on ebay.

The Toodles Weave tutorial in PDF form -


Susan McCarthy said...

Hi Sherry - I saw some lovely Herkimer diamond earrings that you made while looking for same on the 'net. Do you still have them available? They were dangly, and each earring had two Herkimer diamonds.
Thanks for your help.
Susan McCarthy

Anonymous said...

tried to find your stuff on ebay... couldn't find it... can you email me the details of how to purchase one of your pieces... they are gorgeous... best wire wraps i've ever seen...

Sherry said...

Thanks for the kind words!
Email is on it's way.
Short answer, I accept US Postal Money Orders.

Thanks for asking!