Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Versions of my cuffs

Hey WWJ peeps! Here are a couple old versions of my 12g magnetic cuff. The current versions are similar, but always evolving.

Not doing this double wire side version any more. This is 14g copper wire sides, 18g bindings , 8mm tiger eye cubes and magnetic hematite.

The cuff on the left is 12g copper surrounding magnetic hematite and tiger eye. The garnet jelly roll is either 12 or 14g, don't remember....


Pretty Things said...

Those cuffs are terrific! I am just absolutely NO GOOD at making things like that. Your work is so precise!

Sherry said...

Och, my dear! Thou art toooo kind!!! Just Don't make the photos big, all the booboo's show Verra well!

I do so adore your work, m'dear and immensely enjoy reading your blog. *Note to self - Check it more Often!!!*

KayzKreationz said...

Sherry, love that Tiger Eye and Hematite magnetic cuff. When I get back up that way, I'll have to see about taking a class to learn that. Let me know where you end up, since The Bead is closing.