Monday, November 02, 2009

Suggestions for next quarter classes???

It's That time Again! I'm assembling the list of classes for Jan thru March.
Do YOU have a suggestion?
What project would you like to learn?
What day and time works for YOU?
I'll try to work it in!

Leave a comment here or write to me at

Whatcha think of this one?

~Celtic Dreamer in Turquoise~


Camille said...

This is just beautiful, and I really would like to learn how to wrap stones like this.

PS. Sorry I couldn't make the Georgetown class. Maybe you can offer it again somewhere in the area.

Shelley said...

I want to make is so pretty...beauti--ful

Barbara said...

I really like this. I wish you could have a video on your website that would teach a class. It is very hard when you are in the middle of God's country and far from large towns and deep snow.

jagfan said...

Wow Amazing I love it! Would love to come to your classes but I'm on the east coast and it's just a little too far to come. I'd love to have a tutorial for this if you have one.