Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Class Friday Dec 26 in Bracken

This is the weave which dear Denise Peck, editor of Step by Step Wire Jewelry, asked me to write for the magazine. This weave makes beautiful rings, as you can see above, and bezels for pendants, and bails like my Tree of Life, or use it in smaller bits for interesting detail and texture in the midst of other projects.

Learn the Weave, then go all out and make a bracelet ala Princess Leia Goes to the Beach -

Treat yourself! Come have a play with wire day!
Sign up now, online, at And The Bead Goes On Go to the calendar for December and scroll down.

Choose the daytime class - 12-3 - or the evening class - 6-9
Instruction for the Toodles Weave Adjustable Ring - $45 plus the wire.

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