Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ghost Kitty joins the blog

Awww, Ghost Kitty wanted to join the fun and be on the blog. (He's trying to make up for peeing on my bed. Again) Here he is in his favorite position - right in the middle of my work. Well, actually, he's polite enough this time to lay slightly off to the side.... He adores chewing on my copper wire.

His beloved puff balls! It's absolutely amazing to witness the life he can infuse into those balls, throwing them high in the air and batting them like baseballs. Rolling and tumbling, hopping and jumping.
Second best fun is wrestling those evil wicked rugs! Holey moley those claws are vicious!

How can I stay mad at such a cute lil' thang? Hmmmmmm.....
Need to go to the laundry and wash those bed clothes...
OK, I understand you don't want to go outside to the litter box when it's freezing cold and windy and rainy, so make Himself leave the litter box inside by peeing on His bedclothes!

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