Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Tumbling experiment

Ooooo la la, so purty the wire looks! WWJ was having a discussion about tumbling and how it effects glass. So, I put all these babies into my Lortone, with one pound of stainless steel shot, a few flat glass marbles for bulk, no water or other extranious matterials.
They tumbled for about 4 hours last night.
The glass beads are all Czech glass and they came thru beautifully. No sign that they were busy all night.
The wire, OMGolly, it's beeeuuutifuuuullll! So smooth and shiny and sparkly.
Why don't I use my tumbler more often???
Oh ya, 'cause it's such a pitb to dig it out from it's little storage spot. Sometimes I reaaaalllly miss my workshop!


mrs beadsley said...

boy that does make them shine nicely, doesn't it? does it take care of those pesky plier marks, too? beautiful work as always!

Sherry said...

Thanks, hun! I'm purty pleased. Those little links are a whole lot of fun.
Plier marks???
You get plier marks?
I Never Get Plier Marks!
My nose is growing....
Yes, the tumbler erased any and all nasty marks (at least 2) and turned them soooo purty and shiny!
I clicked the follow button on your blog, luv your work!